6 Strategies To Make Quick Cash By Recycling Old Quarters

In an age where sustainability meets financial savvy, recycling old quarters can be more than just a nod to environmental consciousness – it can also be a surprisingly effective way to make some quick cash. While it might sound unconventional, there are several strategies to turn those forgotten coins into a small fortune. Here’s how you can start.

1. Coin Collecting for Profit

Old quarters, especially those minted before 1965, are highly valued by collectors because they contain 90% silver. The value of these coins often exceeds their face value, depending on the silver market. Start by examining the dates on your quarters. If you find any dated pre-1965, take them to a coin dealer for appraisal. Some rare editions or those in exceptional condition can fetch a handsome sum. Remember, the rarer the coin, the higher its potential value.

2. Crafting Unique Jewelry

Quarters can be transformed into unique pieces of jewelry. With a bit of creativity and craftsmanship, old quarters can be made into rings, bracelets, or necklaces. This upcycling approach not only gives the coins a new lease of life but also can attract buyers looking for one-of-a-kind accessories. Selling these creations online or at local craft fairs can turn a tidy profit, especially if the coins used are of a rarer vintage.

3. Creating Art Installations

Artists and crafters often seek out old quarters for their projects. By creating mosaic art pieces, sculptures, or other creative installations, you can tap into the art market. The historical and aesthetic appeal of old quarters adds value to these artworks. Once completed, these pieces can be sold at art shows, online marketplaces, or even to private collectors.

4. Participating in Coin Roll Hunting

Coin roll hunting involves purchasing rolls of quarters from banks and searching through them for coins that are worth more than their face value. Look for quarters that are pre-1965, as they contain silver, or hunt for rare commemorative or error coins. Once you’ve found these treasures, you can sell them to collectors or metal dealers.

5. Selling to Metal Dealers

If you accumulate a large number of old quarters, particularly those made of silver, selling them to a metal dealer can be lucrative. These dealers buy old coins based on their metal content and current market prices. Be sure to research and compare offers from different dealers to get the best price for your quarters.

6. Hosting Educational Workshops

Leverage your knowledge of old quarters by hosting workshops or seminars. Teach others how to identify valuable coins, the basics of coin collecting, and the art of coin-based crafting. Charge a fee for these workshops, or offer them in conjunction with selling your coin-based products. This not only earns you money but also helps spread awareness about coin recycling.


Recycling old quarters isn’t just about being eco-friendly; it’s a unique avenue for generating income. Whether it’s through collecting, crafting, art, coin roll hunting, selling to metal dealers, or educational workshops, there’s a surprising amount of money to be made from these common coins. With a bit of effort, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, those old quarters sitting in your jar could turn into a profitable venture. Remember, the key is to see the potential in what many consider mere pocket change.