WWE Legend The Undertaker is not a Fan of Champions Getting Custom WWE Titles

The world of professional wrestling is as much about the spectacle as it is about the sport. One of the most iconic elements of this spectacle is the championship belt, a symbol of prowess, achievement, and status within the WWE universe. However, not everyone is a fan of the recent trend where champions customize these coveted titles. Among the critics is none other than WWE legend, The Undertaker. Let’s delve into why The Undertaker, a respected figure in the industry, disapproves of this practice.

Tradition vs. Personalization

The Undertaker, a wrestler who has always valued the traditions of the sport, believes in the sanctity of the championship title. To him, the title is a symbol of the history and legacy of WWE, representing the many legends who have held it before. Customizing the belt, in his view, shifts the focus from the prestigious history of the championship to the individual whims of the current holder. This personalization, he feels, undermines the timeless value and the collective heritage that the title carries.

The Undertaker’s Legacy of Respect

Throughout his career, The Undertaker has been known for his deep respect for the wrestling profession and its history. His character, often seen as a gatekeeper of the wrestling world’s traditions, has always been about upholding the sacred aspects of the sport. His disapproval of custom titles can be seen as an extension of this ethos. The Undertaker’s perspective is that the championship should transcend individual personalities, remaining a constant in a world of change.

Impact on Future Generations

Another concern raised by The Undertaker is the impact of this trend on future generations of wrestlers. Custom belts, while unique and reflective of the current champion’s persona, might not resonate with upcoming wrestlers who look to the titles as symbols of their aspirations. The standard design of a championship belt serves as a unifying dream for many aspiring wrestlers, a dream that might be diluted if each champion were to leave their personal mark on the title.

The Essence of Championship

The Undertaker’s viewpoint also touches on the essence of what it means to be a champion. In his eyes, being a WWE champion is about more than just holding a title; it’s about representing an institution. By customizing the belt, champions might be seen as prioritizing their personal brand over the representation of WWE as a whole. This, according to The Undertaker, could detract from the gravitas and responsibility that comes with being a champion.

The Contrast with Other Sports

Drawing a parallel with other sports, where championship trophies remain constant regardless of who wins, The Undertaker’s stance gains more context. In most sports, the trophy is a constant, a singular symbol sought after by all. The Undertaker believes that the WWE should maintain this tradition, keeping the championship belts uniform to symbolize the universal goal of all wrestlers within the organization.


The Undertaker’s stance on custom WWE titles is rooted in a deep respect for the traditions and history of professional wrestling. His perspective highlights the importance of maintaining certain constants in a sport that is ever-evolving. While the customization of championship belts might appeal to some, offering a modern twist on tradition, The Undertaker reminds us of the value of preserving the timeless symbols that unite wrestlers and fans alike. In the end, it’s a debate between upholding tradition and embracing individual expression, a conversation that continues to evolve in the dynamic world of WWE.